Travertine Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing
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Travertine, Natural Stone Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing
Scottsdale, AZ

CMS Stone Restoration specializes in the professional restoration of travertine and natural stone flooring. Our experienced team of natural stone restoration technicians can clean, polish/hone and seal your travertine flooring, restoring its natural beauty while protecting against soiling to preserve its appearance. We also provide professional and high quality cleaning and re-sealing of your saltillo tile, slate, flagstone, concrete pavers and other natural stone.
Travertine Cleaning, Polishing Scottsdale


We’ll clean, polish and restore your travertine flooring to its original beauty.
Saltillo Tile Cleaning Scottsdale


We’ll clean, polish and restore your saltillo tiles to their original beauty.
Flagstone Cleaning, Sealing Scottsdale


We’ll clean and seal your slate/flagstone restoring it to its original beauty.
Paver Cleaning, Sealing Scottsdale


We’ll clean and seal your pavers restoring them to their original beauty.

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How to Maintain a Travertine Floor

Use a dust mop or electrostatic cleaning cloth such as Swiffer, to gently clean the surface of your travertine floor a few times per week to remove dust, dirt and debris such as pet hair and dander. For more textured surfaces, you may need to vacuum regularly to remove debris trapped in porous areas and/or grout lines. You may use mild soap and water to spot clean certain areas and dry appropriately with a towel. When mopping is required, do not use cleaning agents that contain vinegar, lemon, orange, bleach, or ammonia as these can cause damage to your travertine. Instead use a cleaning product that is pH balanced (pH neutral) and specially formulated for natural stone so that it will not damage your travertine or sealer.

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